Friday, March 6, 2009

My First Tournament

Well Monday was my first official golf tournament of the season. It was at Ewa International, its a rather difficult course and very well taken care of. Its greens are fast and nice & smooth, the fairways are well taken care of. Its a really nice course I really enjoyed myself a lot playing there. But it has a lot of water and bunkers that well protect the greens and hard to avoid. I lost two balls in the water but it did not really affect my score. The course is rather hilly and it can be tough on your feet if you are not in shape. At the end of day I was able to shoot a 94, its an o.k score for me that about my average. But in the golf world its a really high score that no pro would be proud of. I ain't no pro so I am just fine with my score for now. I would really like to get my score down to the 80's but thats takes a lot of practice but it is a very reachable goal that I set for myself. Anyways the day was slower than wat a golf day should take, It took us 5 hours to finish a round of 18 holes thats an hour longer than normal. So the day was super slow and windy to, it was difficult to get a nice straight shot but I had a couple here and there. I actually scored better than most of the people that scores better than me. I guess everyone had an off day but hey I dont mind it only makes me look better lol. Nah even though I scored better than some people they are still better than me and just had a off day. Well it is a very difficult course and has a lot of water and I think that what really screwed people up. But anyways I had a really good time and I cant wait for my next tournament.

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